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Most people will go online in this particular era, at one time or another. Should you try looking in the dictionary under ‘useful’ there’s almost certainly a photo of an web browser! What you may need to find out, whatever you want to see, it is merely ever a couple of clicks away. Right now there truly is every service you could ever need, from speaking with individuals all over the world to playing games, watching movies and hearing audio. Say you are in a group or else you have got your own personal company and also you would like to create information regarding yourself to the internet. With regards to your own personal spot upon the online world you’ve got a number of choices. There are lots of sites on the web which you could create your own web page totally free, and these are perfect for many uses. Nevertheless, should you prefer a dedicated website address and matching email address, along with full control of the way in which internet site looks you’re going to require a suitable website design company to do it for you.

Picking a web design service is usually difficult, but let me just point out for anyone who is conducting a Google search it is probably well worth checking out keywords such as website designer simply because this will have a tendency to supply suitable results that should guide you in the ideal direction! Now, once you’ve identified somebody it’s into the development phase. At that point, a web developer will probably ask you what you would like on the website, and that is when you should take a step back and think twice. It can be human nature to overcomplicate issues constantly! This is generally a bad idea however. Web pages ought to do a job – this is what these are for. This is exactly what they’re meant to do. When they are there to convey an idea or a set of facts they ought to be developed so that any visitor is capable of this just as easily as possible with virtually no bother or difficulty.

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It’s very important that people get the info they desire as quickly as possible – online users normally have a remarkably short attention span and definately will click away if they get irritated. So, inspite of the temptation to do alternatively, it is best to stick to the KISS principle, which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid! Overlooking any styling selections that you go for, the menus have to be clear and straightforward to follow along with. The home-page ought to provide a sign of what can be found, and all web pages should have nav assists so you can get around. Flash animated graphics as well as other elaborate things ought to be kept to a minimum – they look dated and increase the loading times which is to be prevented.

The greatest and most pricey websites on the earth, belonging to famous companies, are generally very simple and easy to use. These types of large companies realize that to maintain customers they have to supply a good user experience, and a website that’s user friendly is that in a nutshell.

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Cross Selling in Print

I was reading an article the other day (I can’t find the link now!) about up selling and cross-selling in the print and web design industry. Up selling, if you don’t know, is where a customer comes to you for a basic product and you suggest an upgraded, better product, which they buy. Cross-selling is where a customer buys a product and you suggest other products that compliment it, so selling them more.

Both methods have the opportunity for the seller to make more profit in the guise of better customer service, which I suppose it really is. Both of these are old tactics in retail, but remain at the forefront of many sellers promotional plans to this day. Look at most modern e-retailers – they all have the ‘customers who bought this also bought’ section – this is cross selling. A lot also have popups that might say ‘for just another £10 you could have this…’ – up selling effectively by showing how little extra cash you need to spend to get to the next level in quality or quantity.

So how does this relate to the print industry? The first good example is through business stationery. Anyone purchasing business cards (and card printing can be quite lucrative) should be easy to cross sell to comp slips, letterheads and printed flyers etc. This should be an easy one! The up sell from card printing is a little harder – maybe to laminated cards, or litho print for better quality, or maybe double sided if they aren’t already.

Banners are another case. Often if a banner is purchased as a temporary sign for a shop or business that is opening soon, it may be possible to cross sell to a whole range of items. Sometimes, the logo that is designer for this banner goes on to be the logo for all the rest of the print that a company has. The fact that you’ve designed it puts you in a strong position to print everything else for the client. Perfect cross selling! It’s harder if the banner is a personalised banner, like for a birthday party. This is probably a one-use item so the cross sell is pretty hard. Up sell on banners is almost impossible in many cases as a banner-is a banner-is a banner!

That said, an exhibition stand designer might disagree – they probably think that mesh banners are far too cheap and cheerful for most of the niches that they fill, and that a proper exhibition stand would be a better bet. They’d be right of course, but from £40 for a banner to £400 to an exhibition stand is quite an up sell, and not one that many are capable of. However,  retractable banner stands are often a great stopgap in this case.

One are where it doesn’t really apply is the design industry. If you’re looking for corporate logo design wakefield you expect their best no matter what – they can’t really do a good/better/best kind of creative structure – you pay them for their graphic design wakefield, and that’s what you want. A cheaper alternative wouldn’t be desired, and probably isn’t even offered, although searching for design and print wakefield will get you somewhere close.

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